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Searching White Stripes' Lyrics

If you need the lyrics to a White Stripes song you can find them in one of three ways: list all songs alphabetically (Song Titles), filter by album (Album Titles) and filter by lyrics (Search Lyrics)

There is a small panel in the top right corner of the lyrics tab that allows you to search by these three methods.

Song Title

After selecting Song Titles, an alphabetical listing of the songs appear. Click on the song title to read the full lyrics.

Album Title

After selecting Albums, a list of the White Stripes' albums will appear in the order of their release. Show a list of song titles from a specific album by clicking on an album title. You can then get the full lyrics by selecting a song from the album.

Search Lyrics

Type a word or phrase into the text field then submit the query by clicking 'Search Lyrics.' The search will only find exact matches of the phrase you submit at this time.

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